I'm Sorin,a passionate chainsaw wood carver from North ​West England. With over 10 years of experience, I ​specialeze in crafting stunning sculptures that blend ​nature`s beauty with artistic flair. In my world, each piece ​of wood has a story to tell, and I'm the one who gives ​voice to these tales through my sculptures.

Let`s discover THE ART OF REBIRTH giving DEAD trees a ​second LIFE!

2024 events



Explore a stunning array of chainsaw ​sculptures on this page, featuring ​bears, roosters, eagles, owls and ​peacocks.

Discover the intricate details and ​expressive qualities of each ​sculpture through our gallery ​photos.

Transform your space with these ​unique works of art, perfect for ​adding character to garden, parks, ​farms or any other place that you ​love!

Dachshund Dog Progress


As a chainsaw sculptor ​specializing in personalized ​creations, I bring your furry ​friends to live in wood. Here ​you`ll find an example of a ​Dachshund sculpture crafted ​with care and attention to ​detail.

Ready to commission your own ​custom dog sculpture? Let`s ​discuss you ideas and create a ​timeless tribute to your furry ​friend!

Carved benches


Elevate your outdoor space with our unique chainsaw carved benches. Each bench is ​meticulousity crafted to blend artistry with functionality, ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind ​masterpiece in your garden,park, or public space. From traditional design to themed and ​memorial benches, our collection offers something for every outdoor setting. Experience the ​beauty and durability of chainsaw carved benches from CHAINSAW CARVING-WOODEN ART. ​Contact us to discuss your custom design or explore our existing collection today!

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Over 10ft Oak Bench

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Before Grunge Stamps
After Grunge Stamp


2024 Events

Step into the world of Chainsaw cariving-wooden art, where nature`s beauty meets artistic ​craftsmanship. From captivating sculptures to live chainsaw carving demonstrations at key ​locations, I bring life to lifeless wood with every stroke. Witness the magic unfold as raw wood ​transforms into intricate designs, adding charm and personality to any space. Join me in promoting ​sustainability and community connection through eco-friendly art.

Elevate your environment with CHAINSAW CARVING - WOODEN ART!

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  1. 14th July - Spilsby Show ( 7-9 Ancaster Ave. PE23 5HL)

2. 21th July - Turton Tower chainsaw carving demostration (BL7 0HG Chapeltown Rd.)

3. 17th - 18th August FRAMLINGHAM IP13 9EY

4. 25th-26th August KENT CT7 0BH

5. 7th-8th September LANCASHIRE GAME AND COUNTRY FESTIVAL (Woodacre Lodge ​Farm, Hazelhead Lane,PR3 1BN

6. 19th-21th September APF 2024 European Chainsaw Carving Competion ​(Ragley Estate WARWICKSHIRE)

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Unlock the raw beauty of nature with our custom chainsaw carvings. Transforming wood into timeless ​masterpieces.

Place your order NOW and bring nature`s artistry to life!

Be unique!

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